The Marvellous GRACE Plotter

  • About this website

    This website allows you to plot time-series of gravity data from the GRACE and GRACE-FO missions. By monitoring Earth Gravity field's variations, the GRACE missions allows scientists to recover mass transport at the surface of the Earth, such as hydrological cycles, ice-loss and so on. Read more about GRACE...

    Examples of use

    You can see some examples of use in the left column at the bottom of the page!

  • Select your gravity data

    Select your data center: CNES/GRGS in Toulouse, France, GFZ in Potsdam, Germany, AIUB in Bern, Switzerland, TUGRAZ in Graz, Austria, CSR in Austin, Texas, JPL in Pasadena, California, TONGJI in Shanghai and HUST in Wuhan, China. Choose your release number and get ready for data analysis! Read more about the data...

  • Choose your geographical area

    Drag and drop the marker on any point you like. Alternatively, enter its latitude and longitude, or its address! Draw rectangles, triangles and polygons to plot average signal over custom-designed areas, or predefined hydrological basins! Display a background gravity map to see the areas of interest. More info...

  • Plot and export your graph!

    Plot your graph. Compare series. Zoom in by drawing a rectangle on the graph. Edit the titles. Export your graph in png, jpg or pdf, and reuse it for your scientific presentations!

    New features!

    You can now save and share your work with a simple link! Use the share icon below. You can also plot individual images of GRACE solutions, as well as various statistics. Click on the "Solutions" or "Statistics" arrows below!

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Solutions Plot GRACE Solutions
Series title Enter a custom title (otherwise automatic titles) Gravity functional Choose a gravity functional Data center and version Choose data center, release number and filtering Area Design a custom area for data extraction Latitude Enter latitude (°) Longitude Enter longitude (°) Address Enter an address Regression Fit an analytic model on the time-series Scale Multiply series by a scale factor Bias Add a bias Color Color Info Info
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  • Apply to all series Apply characteristics to all series, except data center and version
  • Plot seriesAdd or remove series, and plot graph
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